Why us

Improving the patient’s journey in the clinical trial process.

We provide the support that your patients and your sites need.
We want to make a difference.
We care.


Why choose us?

Although the Internet and smartphones have emerged as new and popular communication channels for providing healthcare customer service, speaking with a live person via the telephone is still among the most preferred channels for people that seek assistance. The results from the “human touch” that a phone conversation provides far exceeds the results from an E-mail, live chat, text messages or online methods. While all the others are required to have the necessary touch points in the communication process, a phone conversation with someone who has a healthcare background and the knowledge base of the disease area, is simply irreplaceable.

We provide swift, accurate and personal attention to patients. Our team of medical doctors and healthcare professionals help patients understand the clinical trial participation process thereby alleviating the fear of being ‘guinea pigs” in a trial.  The medical knowledge about the disease area helps with obtaining appropriate medical histories and medications and delivering a much better patient to your clinical trial. It also enables a patient to feel comfortable discussing medical related information, knowing they are speaking with a healthcare professional

Once we have built the relationship with a patient, we continue to ensure their interest levels remain high. We make periodic calls to check if they have been contacted by the site and if they have any follow up questions. We can make reminder calls throughout the study duration, this ensures the continued connection with the patients.

In today’s cluttered clinical trial space, we ensure that you study remains top of mind with the patients and the sites. We don’t just pre-screen patients and pass them on to the sites. We take it a few steps further. We develop a relationship with the sites and the patients. Through ongoing patient engagement and continuous site engagement efforts. Resulting in more randomized patients.

What we offer

  •     Pre-screening based on protocol I/E, patient retention and patient engagement initiatives.
  •     Contract Clinical Monitoring
  •     Medical Call Center located in Canada.
  •     Multiple language support.
  •     Track performance of each campaign with unique media specific toll free number.
  •     Assist in scheduling screening appointments at the sites.
  •     Staffed and managed by healthcare professionals who are GCP certified and trained in HIPAA requirements.