Call Center

Connecting patients to clinical trials.

Deliver pre-screened and qualified patients to your research site.


How Can We Add Value?

With over 15 years of experience in patient recruitment for clinical trials, we understand what it takes to bring new drugs to the market- the patients. 

Medical Call Center

  • Medically staffed Call center
  • Obtain Phone Consent
  • Reduce Screen fail rates with thorough pre-screening
  • Psychometric raters
  • Patient Engagement and retention with reminder calls, emails, text messages

Psychometric Raters

  • Central Raters to eliminate variability
  • GCP trained Medical Professionals as raters
  • Administering and scoring cognitive and psychometric tests for clinical trial participants in accordance with the study protocol
  • Therapeutic areas such as Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, substance abuse trials among others

Patient and Site Engagement

  • Keep sites invested in the outcome of your trial to improve performance across the board
  • Create a sense of ownership among sites to get them invested from the onset
  • Recognize achievements by the site to keep momentum going and interest levels high
  • Equipping sites with the information and tools they need so they can spend more time working directly with patients

Phone Consent

  • Eliminate challenges related to the informed consent process such as patient travel burden
  • Remove scheduling difficulties between the research staff and participant
  • Alleviate the disruption to the clinical staff's workflow, particularly in high volume clinics
  • Improve patient's understanding of the consent document by having a dedicated team preforming consent
  • Reduce variability and improve consistency in the Informed consent process

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