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Our story

Neurons are cells within the nervous system that transmit information to other nerve cells, muscles, or gland cells. Communication experts believe that it takes 7 touch points to prompt someone to take action. Touchpoints are 
all exposures to your clinical trial that can build an impression, positive or negative. They are what influence how a patient feels about your trial and investigative drug, whether they will participate in the trial and what they will tell others about your clinical study.

7neurons is a Patient Recruitment agency and a Medical Call Center that delivers pre-screened qualified patients to clinical trials. With over 15 years of experience in patient recruitment for clinical trials, we understand what it takes to bring new drugs to the market- the patients.  With the help of healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable about the disease in question,  as well as the standard of care, we are able to relate with the patients and make them feel comfortable about participating in a clinical trial. 

Clinical trial recruitment strategies must now be extended beyond conventional approaches.  Outreach strategies should now be aimed at finding the right individuals in the community and convincing them to participate in trials in their area.

Our team understands the regulations that govern clinical research, the complexities of a protocol and the need to connect the right patient to a trial. We offer flexible integration with the existing recruitment processes across Clinical Trial Sponsors, CROs, Patient Recruitment agencies and Clinical Sites. You can outsource all your patient recruitment and call center needs to us, or we can supplement your current recruitment initiative or in-house call center.

As trivial as it might seem at a first glance: the establishment of a personal contact, of an strong relationship, between two interacting stakeholders (the monitor and the study team at the site) is absolutely critical- for the safety of the patients, for data integrity and for compliance to  the protocol and ICH-GCP regulations. At 7neurons we understand how crucial this collaboration is between a monitor and a site. Our monitors function as a mediator between the sponsor and the study team at the site.


The 7neurons Recruitment Process


Develop phone-screen scripts based on protocol inclusion/exclusion criteria for IRB submission and approval.


Train the team on protocol specific requirements. Focus on concomitant medications  and exclusionary medical conditions.


Call patients within 24 business hours of receiving patients. 


Connect with the patients via phone calls, emails and text messages. Qualify patients while alleviating fears of clinical trial participation.


Deliver pre-qualified patients to the sites along with the patients responses.


Schedule screening appointments for patients into a site’s calendar to improve show rates. Or Warm transfer a patient’s call directly to the site as soon as the patient is phone qualified. Improve show rates by connecting patients to the sites while they are still highly engaged.


Engage with patients to ensure continued connection with the trial, make reminder calls, call no-shows. Engage with sites to keep study Top of Mind.

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