Connecting patients to clinical trials

Who We Are

7neurons is a Medical Call Center staffed with International
Medical Doctors and healthcare professionals. 

Our Mission

To positively influence the patient’s journey in a clinical trial.

What We Do

Provide the “human touch” in a technology driven space. Provide pre-screened and qualified patients for your trial. Keep your trial Top of Mind with sites.

Our Expertise

Medical Call Center. Contract Clinical Monitoring.

Medical Call Center and Patient Engagement

The success of any recruitment initiative is related to the ability to reach potential trial subjects directly and the ability to easily communicate the benefit of trial participation to potential participants. Located in Canada and staffed with GCP Certified International Medical Doctors, we offer a unique advantage in connecting with patients.

Psychometric and Cognitive Assessments

Clinical trials in CNS diseases face mounting challenges in identifying appropriate participants at the different stages of cognitive decline. We help reduce costs and improve trial enrollment by performing psychometric tests, eliminating variability and improving consistency in data.

Clinical Monitoring and Site Management

Critical to a successful clinical trial is the efficient management and monitoring of clinical sites. Our Central Monitoring group focuses on developing strong site relationships, supports sites and patients, oversees the running of studies and directs strategy throughout the clinical trial process.

Phone Consent

Lack of recruitment of qualified research participants continues to be a significant bottleneck in clinical trials, often resulting in costly time extensions, under-powered results, and in some cases early termination. Some of the reasons for sub-optimal recruitment include laborious consent processes and access to participants at remote locations. 7neurons’ medically qualified team trained in GCP and clinical research practices can assist in obtaining telephone consent for minimal risk trials and registry studies among others.

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